This job was a five day turnaround in time for a labor day weekend wedding! The living room in this gorgeous Tudor home looks out on this charming cottage/pool house and was screaming for an English vibe perennial garden to go with the gorgeous architecture of the main house. I love the weave of these perennials, particularly how they stay low under the windowsill and taper up. We have a custom trelliage on order for the stone wall next to the window. It will be stunning in semi gloss black to match the cottage trim and add a sculptural element from the living room windows with the evergreen inkberry and hellebore in the wintertime. Repurposing a few existing shrubs was a game changer for this tiny house. Potting two of the sky pencil shrubs to soften the attached shower wall, and moving two potted boxwoods previously placed in an existing garden bed under the two windows and skirting them with fall annuals transformed the space.