We completely redesigned the front gardens of this stunning waterfront home. The goal was to accentuate the symmetry of this classic “saltbox cape” and highlight the horizontal beachfront view. The hydrangea will eventually grow to the height of the window sill, lining up with the horizon-line of the waterfront beyond, drawing your eye to this spectacular view. The inkberry in front of the hydrangea provides a simple evergreen hedge through the winter. This combination of hydrangea, inkberry, and perennial geranium creates a classic beachy vibe.

Perennial vignettes around the mailbox and lamposts set the beachy tone as you wind down the driveway and discover this hidden, waterfront gem. Their watery hues of blue, lavender, and white lead you to the sea view beyond. The inkberry in the vignettes is a nod to the front garden design and a beautiful evergreen for the winter months.